Scoliosis Mission

From January 16 – 21, 2016, as part of a commitment to alleviate orthopedic handicaps in early childhood, Polio Foundation in Ahmedabad concluded its third successful scoliosis medical mission in collaboration with a team of international experts in spine surgery and electro-monitoring technology from United Kingdom. The mission was organized and hosted by the Polio Foundation, and supported by a grant from IASA. Continue reading “Scoliosis Mission”


Kidney Haemodialysis

Over the period, 17.4% of diabetics develop kidney failure. The most usual causes of kidney failure are Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Pain killers, etc….Patients with chronic kidney failures require haemodialysis till kidney transplant is available.  Early detection through Path Lab Tests and Control of Diabetes may prevent kidney failure. Health & Care Foundation provides Haemodialysis under the guidance of expert neurologist.


Diabetic Foot

Over the time, about 10% of diabetics develop diabetic foot ulcers which occur due to peripheral neuropathy or peripheral arterial insufficiency or both. About 1.5% of patients with diabetic foot gangrene undergo foot amputation. Diabetic foot ulcers can be prevented by early detection through computerized foot tests and later managed by diabetic foot ware. Health & Care Foundation provides such facilities on daily basis under the guidance of foot surgeons.