• Ultramodern super specialty centre.
  • Provides corrective surgery for various deformities.
  • We have trained and expert team of doctors to perform the surgeries.
  • Facilities of International standard for operation theatre and equipment.
  • Performed more than 15,000 operations either free of cost or a token cost.
  • Performed more than 165 camps at various cities of India.

About 5% of the total population of India suffers from physical disability which may be congenital or acquired in due course. Persons with disabilities could not live normal life as they do not perform normal activities. This becomes burden to the family, to the society and so to the state.

Pediatric Orthopedics as a super specialty in the field of Orthopedics,

Because of continuous advancement in the different fields of Orthopedics, it becomes extremely difficult to be aware of & be updated by the newer concepts in the specialty fields. The principles of Pediatric Orthopedics are changing and research work has been tremendously accelerated in the last few years. It is the time to develop a new approach towards this field of orthopedics.


As per the latest census, 2.41% of the total population of India is handicapped. But this does not give the actual picture, since it is believed by specialists that the actual figure may be much higher, given the facts that various families do not give the correct information leading to an incorrect calculation. Hence the actual figure can be pegged at a much higher 5%. of the total handicapped population of India, 50% of the reasons are congenital (birth defect) and the major chunk of the congenital defects is Cerebral Palsy. It is believed that for every 250 births, one child suffers from cerebral palsy.

The deformities, which will be treated falls into following categories.

(1) Congenial anomalies: Affect both joints & bones

(2) Post polio deformities: Polio leads to paralytic deformity

(3) Cerebral palsy: Causes Spastic paralysis involving both the limbs

(4) Post traumatic deformities: Due to birth trauma or accidents.

Pediatric Ortho 1
Pediatric Ortho 2

Preventive measures

1. Polio vaccination
2. Ante-natal medical check-up
3. Medical counseling of parents

Examination & investigation

1. Clinical examination by pediatric orthopedic surgeons
2. Path-lab. Investigation
3. CT-Scan

Medical measures

1. Symptomatic treatment by drugs
2. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy Speech therapy
3. Medical counseling of parents

Smt. Sushilaben Manubhai Parikh Clubfoot Clinic

Clubfoot Clinic provides services and treatment to correct the deformity so that child could walk with normal gait at the early age. Generally, no operation is required under this treatment, and clubfoot deformity is corrected by applying plasters 3 to 4 times.