Prosthetics and Orthotics is a medical and engineering based healthcare profession which deals with rehabilitation of physically handicapped individuals who suffer from limb malfunctions or abnormalities or absence or loss of limbs or other body parts.They evaluate and assess persons with disabilities and design, fabricate and fit suitable and appropriate Prosthetics and Orthotics aids and appliances.

Artificial Limbs


A Prosthesis known as an artificial limb is an extension or replacement of a missing or damaged body part why Orthosis is a device which can give support to weak limbs or help to correct a deformity.

Lower Limb Prosthesis:
Prosthetic Devices (Artificial Limbs) are functional and Cosmetic replacement of the missing part of the amputated limb.

Upper Limb Prosthesis:
The Upper Limb Prosthesis are designed and fabricated for Upper Limb Amputees for grasp function and cosmetic appearance.

Orthotic Devices:
The Orthotic Devices are generally used for management of various Orthopaedic and Neuromuscular disorders including congenital deformity of lower limb, upper limb and spine.