Purvi Rabari


Age – 24 years – Location – Dhanduka

Purvi a  girl of 24 years could not see; her life was not so earlier –at the age of 7 years  one day while she was playing in field some particle went into her eye and the local village doctor mishandled her case miserably by pouring some wrong eye drops and she became blind. Purvi had lot of dreams in her eyes for education which was dumped and her parents’ wish to see their girl child educated and married   also shattered. They were praying day and night to God for miracle so that Purvi could see.. And the God ultimately paid heed to their prayers – a social worker while visiting their village came to know about Purvi’s  condition. Without wasting time she straightway brought Purvi to Health and Care Foundation and took special interest to see that her Cornea grafting operation is taken on priority basis. The operation was fully successful and Purvi got her vision back. Her parents profusely thanked the Social Worker , Health and Care foundation and it’s Doctors for their help.

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