Understanding the importance of Renewable Energy, Foundation took lead and identified Environment care as added objective and started engagement and investing in renewable energy efficiency activities and also involved in sustainable practices, through environmental initiatives.


To play a leading role in environment responsibility , the Foundation has installed SINGLE AXIS TRACKER BASED SOLAR ROOF TOP, fist of its’ kind in the Region  with 56.4 kwh capacity to produce 95,000 kwh (Units) annually, i.e. 71% of total consumption by using un-utilised roof space. In 2016-2017, total emission of CO2 due to different activities in the hospital was 142945 kg; based on all initiatives we have been able to reduce it to 4990 kg and now we are striving to achieve Zero CO2 emission.


Further using Cooking Stove run by Energy Pellet in hospital canteen, almost 50% use of LPG has come down, i.e. instead of 20 LPG cylinders only 10 are used now annually.


For local transportation of staff for official work and helping the patients for commuting to the nearest Bus Station from the hospital, we have started using Electric 3-Wheeler and Electric 2-Wheelers.


In course of our experience, we have realised that with comprehensive integration of renewable and sustainable project we can do wonders .This throws opportunity and new life for us but to others also as path-breaking initiative. As people will find this near to their hearts to save the earth, money and mankind, Renewable energy projects helps in minimising cancer, blindness, deafness, mental retardation, allergy and other  diseases.

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