Health and Care Foundation at a Glance...

  • Established in 1987 as Non Government Organization. Previously known as Polio Foundation.
  • Initiated with the concept to help Polio affected people by providing corrective surgery.
  • With the Polio Pulse program in 1996, we realized that there will not be any Polio cases and hence initiated surgery for congenital deformities and unit for cerebral palsy children which was first of its kind in state of Gujarat with all facilities under one roof.
  • Health and Care Foundation is known for its services to the specific medical fields in which no other organizations or very few are working.
  • We are providing best services to the needy people with the help of more than 60 expert consultant doctors.
  • Health and Care Foundation is having a transparent and accountable management.
  • Health and Care Foundation is ever progressing with the readiness to adopt new projects with the help of new technology and experts.
  • Health and Care Foundation is equipped with all modern equipment and infrastructure.
  • Enjoys the goodwill of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Government of Gujarat, International charity foundations, Donors and experts from western worlds to help our poor and needy people with modern technology.

Health and Care Foundation is proud of its clerical staff, paramedical staff, , team of Doctors, Donors, Social workers and Trustees which work together with the same objective to help mankind without decimation of cast or creed and poor or rich. We popularly say that it is Health and Care Foundation parivar who have join hands to give best of them for the community.

Impressed by the outstanding performance of Polio Foundation, AUDA has allocated 5500 Sq. Yard land at Jivrajpark, Ahmedabad for the Dream Project of creating a modern Hospital in the state of Gujarat. We have a dream, a dream of reaching the sky in rendering services to mankind.

When…History was re-written

15th February, 2009 was a red letter day in the annals of history at Polio Foundation. Eminent personalities including politicians, educationists and spiritual leaders got together to name the Hospital in favor of the biggest donor to Foundation.

Austerity, prayers and thanks giving marked the auspicious occasion and religious fervor dominated the event. Work at the site has progressed at a furious step and the change in environment at the site is palpable every day.

Our hearts swell with pride and we are overwhelmed by the extent of hard work put in to make our dream a success in stone. We too are anxious to pour our souls into the heart of this building and make it a thriving center, brimming with care, management and treatment of the lesser privileged patients.

History is in the Making
We planned to provide various services under one roof to nourish the lives of under privileged people.

Cerebral Palsy Institute
Providing state of the art centre for care, treatment, management training &rehabilitation of the affected Cerebral Palsy Children. A green and clean environment and trained staff for proper guidance and care.

Paediatric Surgery and Orthopedic Care
Providing the most modern infrastructure and facilities to doctors to perform the most complicated surgeries for young children. Specializing especially in congenital anomalies, deformities and growth abnormalities.

Opthalmology Care
Providing all facilities for treatment and operative options to patients of cataract, squint, corneal surgery and advanced eye procedures. Facilities can be availed by both children and adults too.